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martes, julio 05, 2005


I've been keeping track of my workouts on a printed out Excel sheet which is looking quite battered. I'm happy I can work again and not be stopped by pain. My next physical therapy session is Thursday.

I have had some pain on and off over the weekend but I know how to manage it now so it hasn't been a problem as far as working out.

I am doing Sharon's upper body workout but am doing a combination of her past workouts for lower body.

Hack Squats
Leg Press
Leg Extension
Leg Curl
Hip Adductor machine
Hip Abductor machine

I just haven't felt strong enough to do the new lower body split. Hopefully this week will show some marked improvement.

I've also gotten quite bored with the elliptical machines. I tried an upright Life Fitness bicycle. I didn't particularly care for that one. I might have had it adjusted wrong because my back felt off. Then I tried a recumbent Life Fitness bicycle. That one was better. I need something to challenge my mind though. I'm getting pretty bored of pedaling regardless of machine.

I've got to get a handle on my eating though. It's been bad for the past couple of weeks. I keep gaining the same 2-3 pounds and losing them so I must not be doing too horribly.

Sat - 7/2 - lower body and 30 minutes cardio

Monday 7/4 - 50 minutes cardio (25 minute elliptical / 20 minute recumbent bike and 5 minute cooldown)

So said [Glitzy] @ 7/05/2005 12:30:00 p. m.  (0) comment(s)

lunes, junio 20, 2005


On Mondays I take a body sculpting class at work. The instructor is quite energetic and really good. Today was my third class and I fared much better than the first two.

She starts with legs and then does chest work and then does arms and shoulders. She's happy to accommodate special requests too.

The first Monday we did a couple of sets of squats, outer thigh work, push-ups, triceps extensions, bicep curls and military presses and ended the session with ab work

Last week we did one set of squats, three sets of lunges, push-ups, outer thigh work, lateral shoulder raises, biceps / triceps and ab work.

Today we did a neat leg combo. Front lunge into a rear dip into a glute lift into a knee raise followed by a side squat ending with a lateral raise. One rep into it my right glute siezed up. We don't really do a warm up so I'm wondering if that's why.

We followed up by doing a pyramid set of push-ups and triceps over head extensions (12 of each then 10, then 8 halfway down /all the way down / back up pushups and 8 triceps extensions back up to 10 of each then 12 of each.) That was really, really awesome. I felt like my hard work from the past had really paid off because I felt really strong throughout. I didn't get shakey until my last two push ups.

We followed that with inner thigh floor work and glute work and then got back up for hammer curls. The session ended with lower ab work...leg press outs and leg throws

Good class all and all :)

So said [Glitzy] @ 6/20/2005 09:40:00 p. m.  (0) comment(s)

lunes, junio 13, 2005

What I've been doing

My lovely personal trainer gave me an awesome upper / lower body split workout back in April that I was only able to do twice really. I probably could have done more of the upper body one but have been very frustrated with not being able to do cardio because I didn't realize the effects of what I was doing to my body outside of the gym.

I have different exercises and stretches to do to help strengthen my transverse abdominals along with lower back stretches and strengthening.

Before physical therapy, I had joined Weight Watchers and lost around 10 pounds total on that plan. Most of my time on WW has been without exercise. I also joined the WW at work plan and that really did help keep me accountable.

The most exciting part I think so far was my shopping spree in GA with my best friend. I'm able to fit in stuff I haven't been able to in a long time and actually feel good in what I wear. I still have a bit to go but it's encouraging to put on shirts and pants that have been in my closet for a while that wouldn't fit comfortably or at all before.

I've recently started a body sculpting class through work on Monday nights. Mondays have been my bleah days in the past. I'm hoping that by doing something on Monday I can avoid Sundays at the gym. This means avoiding creepy gym guy who WAS at the gym this past Sunday.

The class has had three sessions. I missed the first one since I was out of town. The instructor is pretty good. Her form tips have been good so far. The only thing I'm disappointed with is how out of shape my lower body is from not doing anything for so long.

I've also joined Active For Life through work. At first I didn't join because it would be ANOTHER thing to track. Then I thought about some more. Since I'll be tracking my exercise anyway, this is just another way to help keep me accountable. I don't know why that third party makes such a difference, but it does. I don't really care about departmental prizes.

So, when I'm down about stuff I have to remember the following:

I can fit certain Old Navy medium sized tops now. Medium. Not XL.
I can see and feel the indentations of my abs under my rib cage without sucking in.
My best friend told me it looked like I'd lost a ton of weight.

I think I'm going to do some of my machine based leg exercises for the next four weeks and then try to move into my new lower body split.

More later!

So said [Glitzy] @ 6/13/2005 10:01:00 p. m.  (0) comment(s)

Why I've been gone

I have been away from this blog in quite a while. There is a good reason though.

I started having issues with my right hip some time back before I started this blog. One of the reasons whyI took up a regimented exercise plan was to strengthen that area and cause the pain to end.

Well, all was going pretty well until March. In late March, I took a trip to NYC with my guy, Unfriendly. After five days of some pretty serious walking, etcetera I was in so much pain that it aggravated me even while I was sitting. I tried to work through it when I came home but found that I was only exacerbating my hip. So, I did nothing for a month. I would do the occaisional strength training but found that trying to do anything for my lower body would just cause my hip to eventually flare up. I even had some bouts where there was not only pain but numbness going into my right leg. Very frustrating.

After having x-rays taken in late April, my doctor decided to put me on a physical therapy plan. Since my insurance is through the University, everything takes forever. X-ray results took a week, scheduling the PT through the referral service also took some time. By late May, I finally had a PT session scheduled for June 1st.

I must admit I was completely skeptical about PT. It seemed that movement was what was causing my problem.

My therapist is a gal of possibly Asian descent. She had me describe what had been going on and from what I had told her, had me do the following:

I touched my toes ten times
Then, I bent backwards (fists in my the small of my back) ten times
Then, I attempted to touch my toes again.


My lower back spasamed like I don't what.

She had me repeat and this time when I went forward after going backward, the pain was not only in my back but in my hip.

Then she had me go up and down a flight of stairs and tell her how / where I felt any pain or discomfort. Then, she put a seat belt around my hips and cinched it pretty tightly and hadme go up and down the stairs again. The discomfort was much, much less.

Apparently I seem to have a low back issue going on as well as some hip issues. My physical therapist wants to clear up the lower back stuff first. She suspects I have some instability in my pelvis. My transverse abdominal muscles are not
strong enoough and are causing that instability.

I started thinking about all of the times I started cleaning and picking up stuff around the house and how extended bouts of bending forward were aggravating after a while. All of my be

So for now, no bending forward. I can do any exercise I want provided I don't have to bend forward and that it doesn't cause me aggravation.

I'm exciting about being able to be active again. I've been able to keep me weight pretty stable by watching what I eat. Last week wasn't good though. I have what I am guessing are 2 additional beer pounds that need to vanish toute de suite!

So said [Glitzy] @ 6/13/2005 09:59:00 p. m.  (2) comment(s)

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domingo, marzo 20, 2005

Almost a month

since I posted but I have been exercising. Granted, I haven't been exercising as consistently as I had been in previous months but I have been. Log will be updated soon. Right now I just have a couple of pieces of paper with scribbles.

In other news, I've lost 6 pounds on Weight Watchers. I've also increased the weight I'm lifting on some items so I'm sure the balancing out between fat lost and muscle gained is in there. Especially since I'm starting to see those little indentations on my upper abs. I would absolutely love her abs.

Headed to NY on Thursday. Maintaining my weight during the 5 days I'll be there will be the challenge

So said [Glitzy] @ 3/20/2005 03:20:00 p. m.  (2) comment(s)

Comment from Anonymous Anónimo @ 12:51 p. m.:  

GAHHH! My EYES!!! Haha. Just kidding. I wasn't too sure where I was just now. My, my... you sure do love the "bold" colors don't you Glitz!? I guess we all don't call you Glitzy for nothing!

Two things: You and Unfriendly ROCK, I loved my evil robot and want to marry him now.

And nice going on the weight loss. Losing weight is absolutely hellish and its great to hear you're doing so well!

Comment from Blogger Je t'aime @ 11:00 p. m.:  

good job!
I've been trying to tone up too!
I'm having a personal trainer 2 days a week and on the other 3 weekdays I'm running track.

"You're fit but you know it!"
(the Streets)

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sábado, febrero 26, 2005

Gym Rant

I like my gym. If I didn't, I wouldn't go. However, I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad I have an Mp3 player because lately, the music has not been gym oriented. It has sucked. In the words of a gal who was a high school bud, it has sucked great big green donkey dick. I want to find whoever has decided that mellow classic rock is good work out music and shave all their hair off while they're sleeping or something.

Now, I like Bob Dylan, The Band & Fleetwood Mac but the songs that have played on the XM Satellite channel by these folks would inspire me to NOT work out. 'Positively 4th St' by Dylan is not a good cardio song. How can you be expected to get the pace up to that? Or to The Band's "The Weight" or Fleetwood Mac's "You Make Lovin' Fun"? I guess they have to balance out the music for all the age groups. But Pink Floyd for working out? Man.

And I'm also cranky with the idiots who don't put stuff back where they found it. 12 lb dumbbells don't belong by the pec deck fly machine, for example. At least they were only 12 pounders. There were 50 pound dumbbells that were almost in my way one time. Luckily I could work around them.

I guess that's not much of a rant but I feel better now.

So said [Glitzy] @ 2/26/2005 10:21:00 p. m.  (0) comment(s)

Back into it

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were not gym days at all. Wednesday I was a bit ill. Seems lunch did not like me. Thursday and Friday I just felt really, really tired. Waking up this whole week has actually been a struggle. So, today I went and did a good long strength session. Here is my progress report:

Back extensions on ball - This is such a concentrated exercise. Up to 15 on these and failure is right b/w 14 and 15.

Ball bridges - Up to 25 now

Concentration curls - These are tough. I started doing full sets with assistance using a 12 lb dumbell. I'm not sure if that helped or not. I can do 8 unassited now.

Crunches on ball - Up to 50 now. And those last 10 are a mother.

Double leg raises - Up to 2 sets of at least 10

Dumbell chest fly (on ball) - I haven't been doing this one on a ball. By the time Ig get to it all my stabilzers are fatigued and I can't keep good form. I've been meaning to to upper body first at some point to try these but haven't yet..

Leg Press (Toes ahead and out)- I'm up to 2 25 lb plates on each side. The last set of these is r-e-a-l-l-y h-a-r-d.

Hamstring lift and roll - I do these until my legs give out or my form can't stay correct. Up to 25 at a time.

Oblique crossovers on ball - I do one side at a time because I find that I compromise my form when I alternate. Up to 30 each side

Pec Dec Reverse Fly - These are tough. I've only upped the weight to 30 lbs and still can't do a full set of 12.

Plank- Down - I can do up to 16 seconds now. I could only do 5 initially

Plank -Side (each) - I can do 20 seconds each side

Reverse lunges - I am no longer as wobbly on these. Perhaps my body is learning to adjust to the way my center of gravity changes. I upped the dumbbells to 8 lbs today and can do 3 sets of 12 at this weight.

Single arm tri kick-backs- These feel kind of awkward sometimes. My hips are just wide. I feel I swing out a bit to avoid 'em.

Single-leg bridges - I'm not able to lift my non bent leg on these yet. I've tried and can only do 1 or 2. I added an 8 lb dumbbell today.

Swimming on all fours (12 each side) - These are fun. I do repeats on each side and seem to always lose my balance on the last one

Upright Row - up to 24 lbs.

So said [Glitzy] @ 2/26/2005 09:57:00 p. m.  (0) comment(s)

miércoles, febrero 23, 2005

Long time no post

I have been going to the gym though. I did go on Saturday but did not go on Sunday because I had lunch with Unfriendly and a friend from work. It was a long lunch....about 3 hours long! And it was snowing and I just didn't feel like dealing with removing the 4 or 5 inches of snow from my car and heading out on messy roads.

I have been updating my log to but not uploading it. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Ok so this week . . .

Monday - I did do my strength w/o and had this experience
Tuesday - I sat around and knitted my test scraf project. Pictures will be on my other blog
Wednesday - I should go do strength. I kinda want to go hang with some folks after work. Maybe my social nature will kick in. It does every now and again.
Thurs - Cardio
Friday - Strengh
Sat - Cardio
Sun - Strength

I'm not sure how well I'm doing with alternating strength and cardio. I feel like I'm at the gym a lot but if I miss a cardio or strength day, I'm off balance.

In food tracking news, I decided to do the Weight Watcher's at work thing in addition to doing it online. I figure other than the $ I shelled out, I really have nothing to lose.

So said [Glitzy] @ 2/23/2005 12:34:00 p. m.  (0) comment(s)

viernes, febrero 18, 2005

Odd workout

This is what I did today

Hack Squat 1 set of 15 reps@ 30 lbs reg, 2 sets @ 15 reps feet tgth
Leg press 1 set of 15 reps @ 50 normal, 2 sets of 8 reps @ 50 lbs toes out
Leg Extension3 sets of 8 reps @ 4.5 plates
Core See log
Cardio See log

I had no desire to deal with all the people in the area for upper body. So, I did just a short bit of weights and short bit of cardio. I'll have to figure out how to alternate my log form to accommodate.

TIRED. No tales from the gym today.

So said [Glitzy] @ 2/18/2005 08:18:00 p. m.  (0) comment(s)


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